Marcella Ezrré and Robin Kulibert on their way to deliver a loaded truck full of items for migrants living in a bus station turned shelter, and elsewhere in Nogales Sonora, thanks to the many generous Christmas donations given to Voices From the Border. Photo by Chuck Klingenstein
A young boy blows bubbles, part of the gifts he received from Voices From the Border in Nogales, Sonora on Dec. 23. Photo by Robin Kulibert

To give is to receive, and to receive is to give. Christmas offers us the opportunity to remember and engage in the practice of this spiritual axiom. 

Thus, when Voices From the Border (VFB) board member, Marcela Ezrré, suggested VFB deliver Christmas gifts to asylum seekers who have been living and waiting in Nogales, Sonora, the rest of the board agreed without hesitation. Word went out, funds flowed in, and the shopping began. As it turned out, this project became one of the largest and most logistically challenging (read: COVID) that VFB has ever attempted. 

But, it happened! On Dec.23, in a truck full of blankets, heaters, food staples (and, it being Christmas, large boxes of cookies), backpacks, socks, toys, books, and school supplies, Ezrréand I drove to the bus station-turned-shelter, just over the line. There we offered our gifts to the eight resident families, and left much more for others living elsewhere. 

Thank you all for your support in sharing the spirit of the season with those whose lives have been so disrupted, and for whom Christmas has such meaning.