The Town of Patagonia is hiring a new Town Manager. The interviews are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and will happen on Saturday May 25, 2019 at 9 am. The Council will interview 5 applicants, all of whom live in Arizona, and two candidates are local.

The Town Manager is somewhat like the CEO of a private business or the executive director of a nonprofit organization, but operating within numerous county, state, and federal regulations that govern public entities. The town manager directly supervises or oversees the work of all department heads, including the town Marshall. She or he will handle all human resource matters.

Our former town manager, David Teel, retired in March 2019. It is a full-time position with an annual starting salary of $35-45,000/year depending on experience. There were nine applicants for the job which was posted on the Town of Patagonia and the Arizona League of Cities and Towns websites.