April 12, 2023

Call to the public began with Maggie Urgo of Voices from the Border explaining the request for installation of an art-hanging system in Cady Hall. Under New Business later in the meeting, mayor and council approved the purchase of this system, to be paid by Voices from the Border, at no cost to the town. 

The Mayor’s report included an explanation of a federally required audit of the Town’s books, completed satisfactorily by J. Usewitch, auditor. The audit had been triggered by the amount of the CDC grant having put the Town’s budget over the minimum threshold. An advantage of having the audit results on file federally is that in the future, granting agencies can check the Town’s solid financials as support for grant issuance. 

The Mayor and Council approved the resignation of Cynthia Berk from the Library Advisory board, thanking her for her years of service. 

The Mayor and Council approved the resolution adopting the tentative budget for FY 2023-2024, and scheduled a public hearing for final adoption. 

Mayor and Council approved the installation by Friends of Sonoita Creek of a 2×4-foot trail identification sign in Doc Mock Park, across from the entrance to the cemetery trail.

Mayor and Council approved a fundraising event, with music, by the Patagonia Regional Aquatics Center, to benefit the Patagonia Swimming Pool on April 29, featuring music by the Minstrels from SCFPA (Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts) to be held at the gazebo in the park.

Next came approval of the Patagonia Community Cemetery mapping project, a collaboration between the Patagonia Museum and Doug Gann, a digital archaeologist who will weave together 3D digital modeling, digital photography, and oral histories gathered by the Museum to create an interactive 3D model that will be shared online and at the Patagonia Museum. It will not require money from the Town. 

A Study Session was scheduled for Wednesday April 19 in the Council chambers, to discuss need and possibilities for regulating B&Bs. 

April 26, 2023 

Town Manager Robinson discussed the timing of completion of ongoing “downtown” road projects. For safety and parking enforcement, the two center lanes will be shifted slightly south, along with blacking out current lines.

The Mayor and Council approved a resolution adopting the Santa Cruz County Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan of 2018, which has been slightly updated. 

The Mayor and Council approved a Service Contract with Micaela De La Ossa to clean the public restrooms in the town’s central park. 

A Study Session was scheduled for May 3 in the Council chambers to discuss two new ordinances for the regulation of Airbnb-type rentals. A central feature will be the addition of a 3% bed tax, the same rate that a hotel or motel would pay.