The Patagonia Regional Times is seeking volunteers to help keep this nonprofit, community paper thriving. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

• Volunteer coordinator
• Distribution coordinator

Website coordinator

Social media/email coordinator

News reporter(s)

Writers for feature stories, columns, events


Event planners

Proof reader(s)

Data entry

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A Call for Photos

To all Sonoitans, Elginians, Patagonians and other readers of this paper:
Our new printing format allows better image quality, so we’d like to print a bit more local photography, as space permits. We welcome your photos that illustrate:

  • The feeling of a special place, person or event
  • The sensation of a powerful local moment
  • Our unique environment
  • A glimpse of history
  • Some powerful scene from the sky
    We’ll look at anything you send, with the following guidelines:
  • Avoid cliches like cats, rainbows, road kill, and 94% of sunsets.
  • Don’t just shoot THINGS, but look for the whole scene around it.
  • Landscape pictures are often more effective with something going on in the foreground.
  • Photos should stand alone, without explanatory text or stories needed, but if you have one with a compelling
    story connected to it, talk to us about writing an article!
    And the technical stuff:
  • We want photos at 300 pixels per inch, so please don’t sent Iphone shots unless you know how to increase the
  • Any shape or orientation is OK.
  • Be sure to give us the name you want used to credit the photo.
  • Email your submissions to