Sixth graders Jayla Umfleet and Mackenzie Beyer stand with their prize winning science fair project, “Don’t Drink Cola.” Photo by Annette Koweek

All Elgin School students grades 5th-8th complete a traditional science fair experiment or engineering project each year. This year’s projects were some of the most creative ever!
From designing cleaning gloves with scrubbing sponges attached to make it easier for people with weak hand grip strength to investigating if solar or wind power is more efficient in Sonoita, our students came up with some really great projects. Here are the results for this year’s science fair:

5th Grade:
1st Place (Tie): “Trash to Gas” by Ryan Bronstein and Johnathan Fields
“Making Fire Fighting Safer” by Kyson Arnett and Nicholas Young
2nd Place (Tie): “Power of Smell” by Mia Oswald
“Testing the Waters” by Oskar Bergh

3rd Place: “Water Over-Board” by Dixie Meier

6th Grade:

1st Place: “Don’t Drink Cola” by Mackenzie Beyer and Jayla Umfleet
2nd Place: “Coloring Flowers” by Julianna Romero and Annaliese Youngblood
3rd Place: “Ice Rings” by Tyler Young and Cade Hubbell
Honorable Mention: “Fire Fence by Cason Scouten

7th Grade:
1st Place: “The Levitating Car” by Nicholas Dekhtyar
2nd Place: “Scrubbing Made Easy” by Olivia Barton
3rd Place (Tie): “Soil Erosion” by Sophia Routledge
“Sleepy By Pet” by Aspen Gaines
Honorable Mention: Bomb Blast Radius

8th Grade:
1st Place: “Hand Eye Coordination” by Alyssa Copeland and Tavania Padilla
2nd Place: “Biodegradable” by Rudy Granado
3rd Place: “Flammability Test” by Serena Hubbell and Madison Vines