South32 has announced added investments of $2.5 million in the South32 Hermosa Community Fund. The increase will mean that more non-profit groups in Santa Cruz County stand to benefit from the fund for many years to come. 

The South32 Hermosa Community Fund was established in May of this year to support non-profit groups working to improve education, environment, health and welfare, recreation, civic enhancement, and arts, culture and history in the county. The fund is held by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA) .

Growth of the fund comes through a million-dollar matching agreement conceived in 2018 when South32 purchased Arizona Mining Inc. and, with it, the Hermosa Project, a mining development option near Patagonia. 

As a show of support for the communities around Hermosa, Richard Warke, the former Executive Chairman of Arizona Mining Inc., contributed $1million to the fund on behalf of the former directors of the company. Gill Winckler, who served on the board for Arizona Mining, Inc., had previously committed $250,000 to the fund. South32 has matched their combined donations, bringing the fund total to $2.5 million. 

“The additional funding provided and matched by South32 can provide a meaningful uplift to charitable organizations in Santa Cruz County,” said Pat Risner, President of South32 Hermosa. “Every day is the right day to be a good neighbor, and it’s exciting to see this level of support early in the project’s life. It’s also exciting to have community input on how the funds should be directed” A committee of independent reviewers from the local community works with the CFSA and representatives from South32 in awarding grants based on the community’s needs and priorities. 

Six applications were received for the second round of grant applications, from which the following grantees were selected: The Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch of the National Audubon Society, Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz, Mat Bevel Company, Patagonia Creative Arts Association/Tin Shed Theater, Patagonia FFA Alumni and Supporters and the Santa Cruz County Fair and Rodeo Association Foundation, Inc. 

The total amount of grants awarded this cycle was $57,200. The next grant cycle will open in January 2020. To learn more about the fund, visit the CFSA website or