After a disappointing experience in its effort to attract a large audience to view “The Story of Plastic” documentary film, the Patagonia Recycling Task Force is planning a follow-up screening that may feature some in-person viewing in both Patagonia and Sonoita.

The task force originally registered with the film’s producers and issued an invitation to all interested individuals to view the documentary online free of charge during a two-week period ending on Oct. 24. At the close of the viewing period, the group had planned to engage those who saw the film in a Zoom-based discussion focused on identifying action steps the viewers and the task force could take to tackle the plastics problem. For some unforeseen reason, the Zoom meeting ID and passcode didn’t work for some would-be participants. As a result, only three people – all task force members – attended the Zoom meeting.

The failed Zoom discussion, combined with expressions of continued interest by PRT board members and others, convinced the group to give the community another opportunity to see the film. In keeping with recommended Covid-19 preventive measures, tentative plans call for multiple showings for small groups at the Tin Shed Theater and perhaps other venues. Details, when finalized, will be posted on the PRT website and around the community.

In cooperation with Town Manager Ron Robinson, county officials and other stakeholders, the task force continues to research options for implementing a recycling program in Patagonia. The members are gathering information on key elements such as cost, location, potential markets, startup scheduling and funding opportunities so that they can determine what type and scale of recycling would work best for the community.

The task force welcomes input from interested individuals. Contact co-chairs Robin Kulibert ( or Bob Brandt (