Three children jump into the Patagonia Pool during the Polar Plunge fundraiser held January 8.  Photo by Mike Sweedo

On January 8, at least ten adults and five kids took the plunge – the Polar Plunge – into the Patagonia Pool. While the actual school pool temperature was not available, a neighbor reported her pool temperature to be 48 degrees. 

The oldest plunger was 77 and the youngest plungers, a pair of 5-year-olds. As little kids will, they stayed in the pool as long as they were allowed. Some intrepid adults even went in more than once. 

Those who didn’t go in the pool still had a good time. There was dancing to Chubby Checker and other water-aerobics-type music, hula hoop participation, and a splash pool for the kids who just hadn’t had enough water time. Hot chocolate and donuts were included in the admission fee, tee shirts were available for purchase, and lots of baked goods for sale.

Party attendees included Elizabeth Chevola who said that 91 (and proud of it) was too old to go in an outdoor pool in January. Chevola was the one who started the water aerobics program that has been going for well over 20 years – and she still gets in a pool every chance she gets, just not 48 degree ones.

A huge THANK YOU to School Superintendent Kenny Hayes and his staff who made this possible, the lifeguards, the wonderful team who organized the event, all the attendees and bakers – including the Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center – who baked so many delicious goodies. We raised well over $2,000 and had a great, high energy (if short) party. The Plunge was successful as a party and successful as a fundraiser. THANK YOU ALL!