Jessica Rubin has recently moved to the Sonoita area to open her new mobile veterinary practice which is set up for both large and small animals.

A 2020 graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in Tennessee, Jessica Rubin, DVM has come west to open her veterinary practice here in the Elgin, Sonoita, Patagonia area. A California native and graduate of San Diego State, Rubin has decided to join her family who recently moved here from California and to offer her services to the animal owners of the Sky Islands.

Having grown up with all types of animals, Rubin has always felt a calling to become a veterinarian, focusing mainly on large animals with an emphasis on equine medicine. After a year’s postgraduate internship at Tennessee Equine Hospital in Thompson, TN, where she was offered a permanent position, she chose to instead become more versed in other species and enjoys working on ruminants and small animals, as well. 

After briefly considering hanging her shingle in Texas, Rubin found that it just didn’t “feel right” so she headed to Arizona to join her family here. 

She especially loves the large animal portion of her practice and feels that large animal veterinarians are a dying breed. Most veterinarians in these modern times find it much more lucrative to go into small animal specialty practice.

Her mother, Cheryl Rubin, after having moved to this area, was having a hard time finding a veterinarian to work on their animals so Rubin decided to stay here and start her own practice. When asked how her mother found this area, Cheryl Rubin stated that when she just typed in, “Beautiful Places in Arizona,” Sonoita/Elgin popped up, so here she came. 

With just six weeks in practice here, Rubin already has a well-equipped truck to handle most emergencies, as well as routine visits for vaccinations and wellness checks. She is set up for both large and small animal care with an ultrasound and a digital x-ray machine, as well as equipment for basic in-house bloodwork. Anything that requires specialty care or labs she can refer to other clinics in the surrounding area. 

She also is available for emergencies, which is rare in this day and age of veterinary specialty practices. Though not able to perform major surgeries at this time due to lack of a surgical suite, she hopes to possibly be able to buy or rent a facility in the future.

When asked why she became a veterinarian, Rubin stated, “I always felt a calling and that I was meant to be doing what I am doing. I feel blessed to be here and am thankful that it all seemed to fall into place. As a Christian, my goal is to serve the community doing good medicine at a reasonable price.”

The name of her practice is ‘The Lion and the Lamb Veterinary.’ She chose that name from a piece of art that her mother purchased. It seemed to fit her Christian faith to “serve the greater good” and Rubin is eager to share her knowledge and expertise. She stated she is not “here to gouge with high prices” for her services. She also stated that she “loves this community and has found everyone so welcoming” and hopes to be a real asset to the animal owners here. She has a website in the works and can be reached by phone at 520-334-0155.