The Forest Service has reopened the public comment period for the Regal Resources Sunnyside mining exploration project in Humboldt Canyon. This is the same project that had an earlier scoping period back in November 2011. According to the scoping notice from the Coronado National Forest, Sierra Vista District Ranger Mark Ruggiero has “decided to offer another scoping period in conjunction with this formal comment period to ensure that public involvement is current and comprehensive.”

Regal Resources Inc. is a junior mining company based in Canada. Its property in the Patagonia Mountains consists of 295 claims on the Coronado National Forest totaling approximately 5,900 acres. The scoping notice states that the Sunnyside mining exploration project is for six drill holes to collect core samples to assess potential copper mineralization in Humboldt Canyon. The operation would run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Water would be hauled in and access for the project would be from the town of Patagonia by way of Harshaw Road, aka National Forest System Roads 49 and 58. Access within the project area would be via NFSR 812 and 4685.

According to the scoping notice, “if you submitted comments in 2011 regarding the Sunnyside project, you MUST advise us [Forest Service] in writing that you would like your previous comments to be considered as responsive to the legal notice for eligibility to appeal the decision: you do not have to resubmit your comments.” If you did not receive the scoping notice and would like to receive that information from the Forest Service contact Patrick Morton, FS Geologist, at (520)388-8348 or

The Patagonia Area Resource Alliance will be cohosting a comment writing workshop with Sky Island Alliance on Thursday, August 1 at 6:30 PM in Cady Hall to assist folks who want to comment on the Sunnyside project. It is our only opportunity to get the Forest Service to examine all aspects of this mining exploration project that may concern us as local citizens who live and enjoy recreation around the Patagonia Mountains. Remember, you’re only eligible to challenge the decision rendered by the Forest Service regarding this exploratory drilling project if you submit a comment within the 30-day comment period. The scoping notice is dated July 11, 2013.

Also note: the Wildcat Silver Hermosa mining exploration project is expected to open its public comment period sometime in early August.

If you wish to submit a Comment to the Forest Service:

Please include the project name (Sunnyside Project) in the subject line of your response and/or email. Comments may be submitted as follows:


Facsimile: 520-388-8305, ATTN: Patrick Morton

U.S. Mail: Coronado National Forest, ATTN: Patrick Morton, 300 W. Congress St., Tucson, AZ 85701