Remembering Grannie

I just want to take a minute of your time to say how delighted I was (if you can be delighted by an obituary) with the wonderful obituary of ‘Grannie Swyers’ by Patra Kelly. She truly captured Grannie’s unique multidimensional personality and life. 

I have my own fond remembrance of Grannie, bumping along on her well-worn electric tricycle, American flag furiously flapping in the wind, right down the middle of the street, headed to the Food Bank Monday vegetable distribution. She visited us nearly every week and her colorful language and personality perked up every Monday. 

One Monday last year she motioned me over to her scooter and presented me with a $50 check, a donation for the Food Bank. I was hesitant to accept it but she insisted. “I want to donate for all the f@$%#*g good things you do.”

I thanked her profusely for her generosity and just smiled when the check bounced. 

Clearly Grannie’s heart was always in the right place! 

Jim Staudacher


Kudos for the PRT

We moved to Patagonia in December and prior to that had become acquainted with the PRT on past visits. It is such a special publication and such a wonderful representation of all the great people and happenings in this area. 

We really appreciated the fact that it gave us a sense of community since we moved here during COVID and were unable to get out and meet people and take advantage of social activities we knew were a part of Patagonia.

I also very much appreciate the weekly bulletin. Thanks for your wonderful publication.

Teri Schmidt