By Murphy Musick
May 15, 2020
Memorial Day Flag Ceremony 2019. Photo Credit Cynie Murray

Memorial Day is Monday May 25th. This is one of two days that the whole country regularly honors our Military Veterans. The Patagonia Museum is the leading group in Patagonia to place flags at the gravesite of each fallen veteran. This year we have purchased 100 very high quality flags to replace the less expensive flags that are currently in place. Because these flags are of such superior quality we will replace ALL of the current flags that are marking the veteran’s graves to make a uniform display of beautiful flags throughout the cemetery. 

Donations are requested to restock The Museum’s flag supply.

Please join us on Sunday May 24th at the cemetery flagpole at 8:00AM to make this year’s honor to the veterans a very special event.

It Will Be Beautiful! Social distancing will be a must and wearing masks and gloves will be highly recommended. The cemetery offers us all a chance to be out in a very open and beautiful setting for a small group to spread throughout the whole area.

Click here to read a list of all the veterans honored at the Patagonia Cemetary

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