Historic Points of Interest

1. Railroad Depot: The two-story wooden depot was built in 1900. In 1962 the railroad line was abandoned. The depot building was purchased by E.B. Thurber and donated to the town. The rails were sold to Gillette Company for razor materials. In 1964 the depot was moved 45 feet away from the expanded Highway 82.

2. Original Commercial District: Currently the original district runs from the Stage Stop Inn to the Long Realty Office. From 1960 to1983, the center building was home to Anne Stradling’s Museum of the Horse. In the 1930s the Patagonia Mercantile, Soda Fountain, Post Office, Bolinger Rentals, Evans Mercantile, Dawson Scoggins Saloon, Charley May Texaco Station, a pool hall, shoemaker and a barbershop occupied the district.

3. Monument: Patagonia Councilmembers Raymond Bergier and Henrietta Taylor convinced railroad executives to gift the abandoned rail bed to the Town of Patagonia.

4. La Mision de San Miguel: A 1915 adobe building, previously the Big Steer Bar.

5. Mesquite Grove Gallery: The former adobe home of Patagonia founder Rollin Rice Richardson.

6. Patagonia Community Church: Built in 1922 by volunteers using hand-poured concrete.

7. Richardson Park: In 1926 the RRR estate donated this land to the town. The Community Garden was established in 1999 from a portion of the park.

8. 366 Duquesne: A two-story wooden structure built next to the railroad line in 1904, the Railroad Section Foreman Residence, was moved to its present location in 1964.

9. The Duquesne Bed and Breakfast: An adobe row house built in 1898 to house the railroad workers and miners.

10. Cady Hall: Formerly the Patagonia Hotel, this adobe was built between 1901 and 1912 by John H. Cady. It served as a hotel, restaurant, dance hall and skating rink. It is home to the Patagonia Library, established in 1957 by the Patagonia Women’s Club.

11. Lopez Pool Hall: Built of adobe circa 1940 by Nogales adobero Isidro Barron for owners, Bartolo and Amelia Lopez.

12. 309 Duquesne: These adobe and woodframe metal structures served as the Patagonia Union High School Campus from 1926 to 1948, Doctor Mock’s Clinic was established thereafter until 1983.

13. 289 Duquesne: 2-story adobe built around 1901 for Valentin Valenzuela, a stage coach driver and US Mail courier from Crittenden to Lochiel, a homesteader, rancher, farmer and businessman in the community.

14. Patagonia Elementary School: Built in 1914 after the previous school building succumbed to fire in 1912. Nogales architect and builder, 0. J. Omstead selected the site, designed and built this brick schoolhouse which is the longest continuously utilized elementary school facility in Arizona.

15. 234 Duquesne: Built from adobe in 1925. A few additions have followed the original structureThe residence of Woody Gatlin, Postmaster of Patagonia from 1935 to 1962.

16. 299 McKeown: Built in the 1930s from adobe, this is the former home of Hugh Schumake, the original owner of the Wagon Wheel Bar.

17. Patagonia Lumber: In 1913 the Patagonia Lumber Company was established in this wooden structure, which is now a bar.

18. Grayce’s Gift Shop: Built of wood in 1905. The original residents were Dora and Neil McDonald, a miner.

19. 278 Naugle: A Sears and Roebuck prefabricated, mail-order home was erected in 1928.

20. Northeast end of Smelter Alley: Site of original homestead of James Ashburn and later the location of a smelter built in 1897.