Sixth grader Griffin Bostock explains his science fair project to first grader Devryn Haymore. 

Elgin School Science Fair includes projects from kindergarten through 8th grade. Students have the chance to explore ideas of interest to them and apply the science and engineering processes to their investigations. 

2020 Elgin School Science Fair Results 

6th Grade 

First: Exhaust Filter Mark 1: 

Rowan Cole and Griffin Bostock 

Second (Tie): Chicken Water Filter Waterer – Julie Faith Rodriguez 

Plant Wall – Kaydee Zerbel and Ximena Gonzalez 

Third: Hope It Floats – Heidi Nevins 

7th Grade 

First (Tie): Lazy Wash 2.0 – Dixie Meier and Oskar Bergh 

Clean Machine – Nicholas Young and Sebastian Padilla 

Second: Sleep Siren – Ryan Bronstein and Rylee Rivers 

Third: Mars Domes – Xanadu Demeritt 

8th Grade 

First: Why You Should Not Use Wet Wipes – Grace Coulston 

Second (Tie): Fireflies: Multi-purpose Firefighting Drones – Cason Scouten 

Homes for the Homeless – Annaliese Youngblood and Ayla Kennedy 

Third (Tie): Operation Tsunami – Brett Gronlund and Cade Hubbell 

Scissor Lift Wheelchair – Jesse Phelps