I met Doris soon after I moved to Patagonia. She and I connected at the library where she was on the Board and had recently succeeded in keeping the library financially afloat with an epic fundraising effort, selling chocolate chip cookies to residents of the town.

I came to know Doris as an artist, a teacher, an observer, and as a friend. Colors defined Doris, in her surroundings and in the painting and crafts she created. She noticed color and detail and readily shared her observations. I used to sit near Doris over coffee at the Wagon Wheel where she never failed to appreciate color and style with genuine delight.

In recent weeks and months, Doris frequently visited Bernice Pomeroy, my neighbor and one of Doris’ dearest friends. Often after seeing Bernice, Doris would stop by my house for a visit. One day she started to leave and came back, insisting that I come outside with her. She pointed to the blossoming crepe myrtle tree at the corner of my yard. The sun was highlighting the vibrant pink blossoms. Doris was simply awestruck by what she saw and had to share the moment.

I will not forget this. The world seems less colorful without Doris, but when the blossoms return, that moment is one among many that I shall remember. Thank you, Doris, for this gift.