In the March 27 Patagonia Town Council Meeting Denise Bowden, of South32, said that the company is donating a speed sign for Harshaw Road. Marshall Patterson recognized Animal Control Officer Hilliard for service to the town with spay-neuter catch-and-release programs for cats and dogs. The Marshall explained that if it becomes necessary to kill a mountain lion, AZ Fish & Game would do it.

Manager Teel, in his last meeting, said revenues were up a little for the town and said a brief farewell to public office.

Planning & Development Committee is working on the town plan and suggested approving renewal for 2 years. 

Council approved liquor licenses for the Volunteer Fire Company’s annual steak fry and for the upcoming KPUP luau.

Two representatives from Spirit World 100 cycling tour group gave a detailed report on their proposed 400-600 person event. They are working on the permit process with the Forest Service and are talking with Border Patrol and South32, the major generators of Harshaw Road traffic. 

Carolyn Shafer reported on the Flood and Flow Committee’s efforts to bring together studies on water quality and flow in the Sonoita Creek watershed. With funding support from Borderlands Restoration Network’s Biophilia Group the contract for the report was approved. $3,000 is needed for Phase 2. A UA graduate hydrology student is working on a groundwater study that will include effects of drought and demand on water movements, including the age and origins of groundwater.

SCC District 3 Supervisor Bruce Bracker explained the slump in recycling markets and reiterated the problems of food waste and mixed trash, as well as the spotty effectiveness of the town’s recycling program, peoples’ misuse of the dumpsters for garbage disposal, and the declining number of recycling markets, nationally. A resident education program will be organized by the town in coordination with the County. 

Close to 60 people attended the April 10 Town Council. In the Call to Public, Bob Misirowski suggested that the town charge more for sewer hook ups and that rental tax should be collected. Cynie Murray testified about the traffic conditions on Harshaw Road. Speeding causes the windows of her house to shake. She said there is increased litter and it is no longer a safe road to walk on. Robert Gay reported on observing truck traffic on Harshaw Road that committed five violations, including speeding and reckless driving. 

The Town Marshal reported that there are four rabid skunks in town. 

The Town Council approved to renew the current town plan for another 10 years. 

Saul Lieberman testified on the proposed use permit by South32 to build a parking lot off Harshaw Road, highlighting the town plan which prohibits any development of extraction industries. 

The council did not approve a request for variance on setback by resident David Goggs and approved a request for variance on setback for Tempest Smith. 

There was lengthy discussion on the options available to fix the current sinkhole on 3rd avenue. The town tabled the issue and will pursue the contractor who fixed the road last year. 

The Town accepted South32’s donation of an electronic speed sign. The Town approved giving Borderlands Restoration recognition for their donation to the Dr. Mock Park. 

The Town Council has applications for Town Manager and is moving forward with the process. 

At the April 24 meeting, Marshall Patterson reported that the feral cat population in town was somewhat decreasing. He also reported that there was some bike safety teaching and helmets offered to kids at the recent BikeFest event. The Marshall’s office, Walmart and South 32 had donated about 25 bikes.

In other business, Martin Short, of Coronado Homes, had requested the town vacate a portion of North Avenue. The request was tabled, to ask him to appear and explain the proposal further. A request for waiving fees and permits for renovation of the Lenon Building, on McKeown Ave. was tabled. 

The town will have a letter delivered to the owner of 262 North Ave. requesting removal of trash, with a time limit after which the Town will clear the trash at owner’s expense.

Approval was given for the town’s resolution urging the State’s legislators to approve a US Constitutional Amendment ratifying equal rights for men and women, making AZ the 38th & final state needed for completing the Amendment. 

Contract renewal was approved for Marcela De La Ossa to continue roadside rest area cleaning.

The issue of the use of John Shelton’s lot next to Red Mtn. Foods was discussed in relation to business licenses and payment of retail tax to the Town. The Council will send a note to the owner to appear and discuss this use, with one Council member feeling strongly it should simply be shut down as an eyesore.

The recent presence of a food truck in town was noted, with the Town not taking any action.