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Patagonia Seniors Center
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Eastern Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank

Monday Vegetable Distribution implementing physical distancing. Photo by Robert Gay

June 2, 2020

EMERGENCY FOOD AID is available anytime simply by calling the Food Bank at (520) 302-4450
Remember our regular Monthly Food Bag Distribution, June 10, 2020 9AM to 10am at the Food Bank, 222 Third Ave, Patagonia.

Due to recent developments and recommendations from health authorities regarding the COVID-19 “Corona Virus” pandemic the East Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank is taking the following actions to ensure the safety of our volunteer staff as well as our clients.

Monday Vegetable Distribution continues through June

The Monday Vegetable Distribution at the Patagonia Senior Center will continue as long as there is a supply of Vegetables and people to distribute to. We will change our distribution in the following ways:
1) We will utilize a skeleton staff of two Food Bank Volunteers and one truck to pick up vegetables from Borderlands and prepare them for distribution.
2) We will set up tables farther away from the supply truck for distribution of vegetables to clients who will be able to maintain a safe distance from each other. We will take sanitary precautions and sanitize our tables and other equipment on a regular basis.
3) We will endeavor to provide fresh nutritious vegetables each week until the supply or demand is diminished, or we are ordered by the authorities to stop.

We will be vigilant and creative and adapt our methods and strategy as necessary to continue to provide needed fresh produce to the community as long as possible.

Monthly Food Bag Distribution

1) Regarding our Monthly Food Bag Distribution, the second Wednesday of the month at the Food Bank, (April 11) 9am to 10am we will encourage clients to drive up Rothrock Alley and receive their food bag in “Drive Through” fashion, to limit personal contact. We will utilize a skeleton staff to provide this service. Food bags will be put into the trunk, pickup truck bed or unoccupied back seat of vehicles.
2) Food Bank volunteers will not physically interact with clients during the food bag delivery.
3) We have discontinued delivering food bags and all food bags should be picked up with a vehicle.
4) We will take sanitary precautions and sanitize our tables and other equipment on a regular basis.
We will adapt our methods as necessary to continue provide emergency supplemental food to the community.
Emergency Food Bags
5) We continue to offer emergency food bags anytime to anyone who asks for one. A Food Bank Volunteer will provide the bag in a fashion to limit personal contact.

It is the mission of the East Santa Cruz County Community Food Bank is to alleviate hunger for the residents of East Santa Cruz County by providing supplemental food bags, fresh produce, and emergency food for anyone who comes to our door.

Sonoita Produce on Wheels

Produce on Wheels takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month, at Harvest Christian Church in Sonoita, Arizona. For updates and market information follow @SonoitaAZCommunityMarket on Facebook and Instagram or call/text Gardenia Moffett 602.292.1616.

  • All tables will be cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution before and after the market
  • 3 handwashing stations are available and we are asking ALL volunteers and vendors to wash according to instructions, upon arriving and before leaving
  • All volunteers and vendors will be provided gloves
  • Volunteers ONLY will be handling produce. This also goes for vendors providing food samples
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for all participants at the registration table
  • We will be practicing Social Distancing, 3-5 ft.
  • Participants will be encouraged to wash all produce before consumption
  • Lastly, if you have any flu-like symptoms, please stay home and let us know, so we can be praying for you
    Sonoita Market Draws Record Numbers
Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center
  • Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center is closed until further notice. Pick up times for meals are Wednesday from 4:30-5:30