Some of the Spanish language books available at the Patagonia Library. Photo by Kayla Miller

Every so often, a group of middle schoolers and their teachers will come visit the library before our opening hours to have a full hour of undivided attention and assistance from the library staff. As hectic as these mornings can be, I love having the chance to get to know the kids, understand what they’re looking for, and showing them that the library is here to help however we can. 

During their visit in March, the kids pointed out something lacking at our library – books in Spanish! At least a third of them came into the library looking for Spanish books and found a meager handful. Desperate to fulfil their reading needs before their next visit, the library has added around two dozen Spanish chapter and YA books.

I highly encourage everyone, regardless of their fluency level, to try one of these books! Not only are YA/chapter books fun to read, reading in multiple languages is a great workout for your brain. Whether you are a fully fluent, native speaker looking to enjoy a good story, a beginner looking for something simpler to read, or someone just honing their Spanish skills, this new collection of books will have something for you.