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A Cliffrose by Any Other Name

Spring is cliffrose season in our corner of Santa Cruz County, and this year’s bloom did not disappoint.  2020 was a rough year for the native flora. Native plants haven’t been dealing with a virus, but they have been dealing with one of the driest years on record in over a decade. The lack of […]

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Sowing Native Seeds

Native plant seeds are stored in bags and refrigerated in preparation for planting at Borderlands Restoration Network’s seed lab. There are many ways we can start afresh in 2021. In the plant world, rebirth isn’t visible until spring, yet the time for preparing and sprouting often happens unseen, when everything seems the most quiet and […]

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Native Grasses in Our Landscape

Cane Bluestem is one of the native grasses to look for in the Patagonia/Sonoita area. Photo courtesy BRN Southwest desert grasslands are rare ecosystems abundant with biodiversity. Arizona is home to mountains, plains, and desert grasses which used to cover one-quarter of the state. Today, due to historic overgrazing, climate change, and invasive grass, roughly only […]

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Protecting Our Watershed

2020 brought with it quite a few surprising changes that have preoccupied our minds and our lives as we try to focus in this rapidly changing world. We came close to World War III, Australia caught fire, Coronavirus has made its way out of China. One event that probably didn’t change your day much, but […]