We are a free community newspaper, and your contributions keep it that way.  The time, talent, and treasures of our readers are what sustain us financially .  We hope you are reading this information about Volunteering  because you are considering offering your time and your talent!

Ways you can volunteer for the PRT

  • Offer your time in the production of the newspaper
  • Proof reading, writing articles, contributing art (drawings, poetry, photographs)
  • Distributing the paper to newsstands in Patagonia and Sonoita
  • Assist at events:
    • Help with our annual Thank You party
    • Staff our informational table at the SCC Fair or the Patagonia Fall Festival
  • Offer your expertise in these areas
    • Graphic arts
    • Grant writing
    • Advertising sales
    • Newspaper or magazine production
    • Social media promotions

If our volunteer opportunities interest you then please submit this form below.  Thank you for your interest and time!