Lee Allen Rogers

August 30, 1944 – March 10, 2022

Lee was an ordinary man who did incredible things and lived the life of his dreams, which was to build his home and learn to live sustainably. He was a craftsman, gardener, and toolmaker at the end of his life. 

When diagnosed (July, 2021) with grade 4 brain cancer, Lee had two ongoing projects making significant contributions to our hummingbird conservation work. He invented and produced many precision tools for hummingbird researchers worldwide. He also was developing gardens and identifying a suite of native plants that would provide a continuous source of flowers with nectar for hummingbird use in our area. 

He was an engineer who helped develop computer products for IBM during midlife. During the Vietnam War era, he served in the Navy for six years and the National Guard for three. He enjoyed downhill skiing, scuba diving, river running, photography, backpacking, bird watching, dancing, and cooking. His wife, Susan Wethington, his mother, sister, and two brothers survive him.

His friends and family remember him for his smile, sense of humor, hearty laughter, kind and gentle spirit, and listening with his entire being when interacting with others. Please also visit savehummingbirds.org for a fuller memorial to Lee.