July 10: During the call to the public Carolyn Shafer invited members of the council to attend a public meeting hosted by PARA on July 27 to discuss South32’s recent property purchases.

Mayor Wood announced that the town council has been invited to attend a meeting with South32 on July 17. She believes members of the Flood and Flow Committee should also attend. Mayor Wood also announced that the town’s attorney had resigned and that she hoped that a local attorney could be found to fill the vacancy. She also noted that the Consul General for Mexico had requested to meet with her but she had no information as to the reason for the meeting.

A request by the Spirit 100 Bike Race sponsors for a $500 investment from the town was rejected. Council scheduled a work session with the Planning and Development Committee for August 21. New Town Manager, Ron Robinson, was introduced and received warm applause.

July 24: During Call to the Public there was a request to develop an online payment option to the town and an announcement of a watershed stakeholders’ meeting on August 14, 10 a.m.. David Budd brought up the Town Code and how conflicts of interest require recusing
oneself in Planning & Development and other committee meetings.

An upcoming Flood and Flow committee meeting on July 31 was announced to discuss coordination of all local water study projects as a baseline for future evaluations of water quality in the various branches of the Sonoita Creek watershed. South32 will be in attendance.

Marshall Patterson reported he had attended a meeting on safety at the Governor’s offices. The Fire Dept’s request to resurface and extend the medical helicopter landing zone, as explained by Ike Isakson, was approved.

South32 President Pat Risner and others gave a presentation to the Town Council. (See sidebar). Ike Isakson was approved for Planning & Dev. Committee, as proposed by
Todd Norton. Council approved three appointees to the local board of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement system.

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