A People’s History of a Pandemic

April 16, 2020 from Columbia Journalism Review

These Photos Show the Staggering Food Bank Lines Across America

April 13, 2020 from Mother Jones

Vitalyst Podcast:

Improving health is no small task. From the beginning, Vitalyst has pursued how to best leverage available resources and assets in concert with those of the community and partners.

Arizona Plans To Release “Enhanced Location Information” On Where Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Are Occurring

April 9, 2020 from All About Arizona News

Meet the outfitters welcoming Grand Canyon rafters to a COVID-19 reality

April 9, 2020 from High Country News

Breaking: Some States Show Alarming Spike in Women’s Share of Unemployment Claims

April 8, 2020 8:30pm from Fuller Project for National Reporting

How much data does Arizona release on COVID-19? Less than many states

April 7, 2020 from AZCentral.

Arizona isn’t reporting confirmed coronavirus cases by city. But should we be?

April 6, 2020 from AZCentral.

Tim Steller’s opinion: Anxiety threatens mental health as coronavirus isolation drags on

April 4, 2020 from Tucson.com

Tucson labs develop tests to help fight coronavirus outbreak

April 4, 2020 from Tucson.com

Walmart To Limit Number Of People Shopping At One Time Because Of Coronavirus

April 3, 2020 from NPR

Words of wisdom about COVID-19 that Bill Gates did NOT write

April 2, 2020 from Chicago Sun Times

COVID-19 fears close Grand Canyon National Park after weeks of pressure

April 1, 2020 from Arizona State University

Shelves are bare but grocery warehouses are on the case, industry leader says

April 1, 2020 from Arizona State University

No Walk in the Park for Americans Struggling with Cabin Fever Amid Coronavirus Crisis – FairWarning

April 1, 2020 from FairWarning

This story was produced by FairWarning (www.fairwarning.org), a nonprofit news organization based in Southern California that focuses on public health, consumer and environmental issues.

COVID-19 in Arizona: Schools aren’t required to make up lost days, workers will be paid

March 27, 2020 from Arizona State University

Arizona ranks last in nation for COVID-19 testing. That’s outrageous

March 27, 2020 from AZCentral.

Why Widespread Coronavirus Testing Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon

March 24, 2020 from The New Yorker

Are Hospitals Near Me Ready for Coronavirus? Here Are Nine Different Scenarios.

March 17, 2020 from ProPublica

The Black Death: Pondering a past plague during today’s pandemic

This is the first program in a series addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. We talk to ASU historian Hannah Barker about a time in history when the plague, a disease spread by rodents and their fleas, took the lives of tens of millions of people across Europe, Asia, and Africa. We explore the parallels—and differences—between that time and our own, including social, medical and religious responses, and resulting seismic shifts in society.