Andrea Walker’s art is described as “spiritual painting.” Photo by Nick Robb

Local artist Andrea Wystrach Walker, professional photographer and spiritual painter, will be promoting her work and donating 20% of the proceeds to the Patagonia Montessori School at an exhibit of her work at the Steak Out Restaurant in Sonoita on Dec. 6. The fundraiser will be held from 2p.m. – 6p.m. 

Walker, the daughter of Grace and Michael Wystrach, owners of the Steak Out, the Sonoita Inn and 

Sonoita Mercantile, was raised in Elgin on her family’s ranch, and now lives in the Sonoita area with her husband, Ted Walker. She enjoys her painting, photography, and quality time with her four horses, who are often featured in her work. As a 1994 graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, she has a Bachelor of Arts in illustration advertising. 

Walker will be selling her artwork at the Steak Out Restaurant in Sonoita.

After surviving a serious car accident in 1999, Walker experienced spiritual awareness that is now expressed in her art. Daily meditation, exercise, and diet are part of her regimen in her journey of self-awareness and the spiritual world. She never knows what the painting will be until she sets up the canvas and begins to work. “I paint mostly acrylic abstracts,” she said. “I channel my spirit guides, high vibrational angels and God and the Universe. Painting is like a meditation for me. I use very bright colors and metallic paint. Each painting is different.”

Spiritual painting has been described by some viewers as art that speaks to them more profoundly than any other form of art. Abstract, spiritually guided art has been recognized since the early 1900’s.This form of expression was unrecognized and hidden, until a few, now famous artists brought their art into the public realm, and who are now being featured in various art museum retrospectives. 

One such artist, Hilma of Klint (1862-1944) from Sweden, began her series of spiritual paintings in 1906. They were the subject of a successful exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, New York City in 2019. 

Wystrach’s paintings and photography will be offered for sale at the Dec. 6 fundraiser. Coffee, cookies, and discounted wine will be available. For further information about the fundraiser, or about Wystrach’s art, contact the artist by email at