Plane dropping flame retardant
Photo by Sonoita-Elgin Fire District

There was a fire in the Tunnel Springs / Casas Arroyo area in Sonoita that started Sunday June 9. The estimated size of the fire was 60 acres. Several planes, some dropping red fire retardant, and helicopters dumping water worked to contain it. The fire, named the Windmill Fire, was purportedly started when a Tunnel Springs resident dumped live coals out on the ground at his house. Some residents in the area were told to evacuate and others told to be prepared to evacuate.

Windmill Fire in Sonoita, 2019
Photo by Sonoita Elgin Fire District

A good line had been laid around the perimeter by Sunday evening. Approximately at 9:30 pm Sonoita Elgin Fire District (SEFD) reported there will be one engine of theirs to monitor over night while the US Forest Service will monitor the wildland aspect. Community members were able to return home.

SEFD, Patagonia Fire, US Forest Service, and Nogales Suburban all worked together to contain the fire.