Wildlife Corridors, LLC Managing Director Ron Pulliam uses the new kiosk maps to explain how the company’s Borderlands Wildlife Preserve is a key component of the Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor. Photo by Bob Brandt

A small group of people who were instrumental in creating new features now available at the Borderlands Wildlife Preserve Welcome Station gathered on Nov. 14 to celebrate completion of their work.

The event was sponsored by Wildlife Corridors, LLC and hosted by Managing Partner Ron Pulliam. Attendees included Alex Johnson, Cholla Nicoll, Chris and Mary Strohm, Kurt Vaughn, Denisse Ortega Lorona, Cassina Farley, Tammie Quiroga and Martha Kelly.

The new welcome station improvements include a picnic table, water fountain and signage on the three-panel kiosk that orients visitors to the preserve. 

The kiosk displays maps that depict the preserve’s location relative to the Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor and the Coronado National Forest and text that explains the preserve’s role in saving critical wildlife habitat threatened by surrounding residential developments.

The water fountain was decorated with local stones and colorful ceramic tiles hand-made by Farley, Quiroga and Kelly.