David Teel is leaving Patagonia after eight years as Town Manager. Photo by Aisha Sander

David Teel has resigned from the position of Patagonia Town Manager. Teal said that he hopes the next town manager is experienced and a professional. In the interim Isabel Van Nest will be the Town Manager. 

The challenge will be to find someone with experience as the salary for the position is minimal. Teel said that he was able to take this job because he was retired and on social security. 

Teel was hired to be Town Manager in 2011. He has been a town manager for 35 years in seven different towns in five states, after 25 years spent in the private sector. 

The Town Manager is responsible for overall operation of the government, budgeting, personnel management, and working with town council. There are nineteen employees, and within these there are various department heads. Teel worked with the department heads to run the town. 

The biggest challenge Teel faced as town manager is the low municipal revenue. The Town does not charge any property tax, and its main source of income is sales revenue. Grants are specific, with reporting requirements, and do not make up for the lack of revenue. 

Teel said that Patagonia has a “good, engaged citizenry” and “lots of volunteers who contribute mightily to the success of the town.” 

Teel is planning to move to Tucson, where he has family, and will look for a part-time job there to keep himself occupied.