September 28

The Mayor and Council approved a special event liquor license for the AZ Trail Association for November 3-5, 2022, in conjunction with the Spirit World 100 bicycle event. 

The Mayor and Council approved a proclamation of the Town, declaring October 2022 to be “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Patagonia.

The Mayor and Council approved major repairs of two of the Town’s much-used equipment. Roo Equipment will repair the 4WD John Deere loader and backhoe. The cost is $25,103.13 and will come out of the Contingency Fund.

The Mayor and Council approved a resolution committing local funds of $25,000 as leverage for a total of $400,000 of grant money for “shovel ready” improvement projects supported by SEAGO, the Southeast Arizona Governments Organization.

October 12

In the Call to the Public, a resident reported annoyance at “meddling with political signs.” She was encouraged by Mayor Wood to make a written request for an agenda item before the next meeting.

Samantha Carlson made a comment opposing Agenda Item 9, the renewal of the ReLeaf marijuana shop’s license, claiming a list of infractions like jaywalking customers and a dog in the shop. Manager Robinson stated he observed the shop to be clean and well run and Mayor Wood suggested Carlson deal directly with AZ Dept of Transportation, since Naugle Ave. is totally within ADOT jurisdiction.

Councilor Finch reported that the pre-Veterans Day cleanup of the cemetery was underway, and people could volunteer. Councilor Stabile reminded all that it was a “high-snake” season.

It was announced that Karla Avalos, from Senator Kelly’s office, had to postpone her visit to a council meeting to discuss how Senator Kelly and the Town could strengthen their partnership, and would reschedule.

Mayor and Council approved the Planning and Development Committee’s report on a use permit for the retail marijuana business at 436 W. Naugle Ave.

Mayor and Council accepted Ike Isaacson’s resignation from the Planning and Development Committee and added “he will be greatly missed.”

Mayor and Council approved Manager Robinson’s writing of a letter of commitment and support for a SEAGO community-wide assessment grant. The purpose of the grant is to assess properties of the town (not private properties) for existence of possible “brownfield” sites, under sponsorship of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency