August 9, 2023

In Call to Public, SAACA’s Matt Rolland gave a history of festival attendance and spoke of the incorporation of community input into this year’s plan for the Sky Island Artisans’ Market, planned for the weekend of Oct. 14-15.

Linda Shore and Debbie Robinson gave an update on the refurbishment of the Library’s Legacy Garden.

There was unanimous approval of Town Park use for the 34th annual Sky Islands Fall Artisan Market.

Queen of Cups was granted approval for a permanent extension of their premises/patio permit to create more wine cold storage. 

A clarified Cady Hall Agreement with added fee schedule was approved. 

August 23, 2023

Trail Riders of Southeast Arizona’s George Wysopan presented the group’s ideas for designating camping areas and using the Doc Mock Park gazebo for check-in. 

Four comments concerned Zander Ault of Patagonia Lumber Company’s plans for closing a portion of McKeown Ave. between Third Ave. and the SSVEC property for events during the Spirit World 100 race weekend. Bonnie McLean opposed the closure because it would block her tenants from getting to town. Ault’s response was that closure was for safety and that other businesses could gain access from Taylor Ave. Ault also responded to many questions from the Council. Kimberly Moreno, co-owner of Mor-Q Bakery and Barbeque opposed the closing, adding that she had not previously been notified of the proposal. Mor-Q co-owner Cory Moreno, said he‘d be okay with a brief closure at the beginning of the Spirit World 100 race, but not for the whole weekend. Ault’s proposal was rejected. 

Mark Berg’s bid of $751.59 for purchasing 180 sq. ft. of Santa Rita Ave. right-of-way and 1013 sq. ft. of Fourth Ave. right-of-way, totaling 1193 SF, was accepted. 

Mayor and Council approved the plans of the Trail Riders of Southern Arizona for their annual fundraising event, “There Will Be Dust.” Event dates are Nov. 17-18, 2023. 

For the Community Garden’s annual fundraising Pie Auction, a special event liquor license was approved. 

The Patagonia Creative Arts Association was approved for a special event liquor license at the Tin Shed Theater. 

Sept. 13, 2023 

Mayor Wood read excerpts from the judge’s decision on the amicus curiae brief the Town filed concerning industrial mining in the town’s watershed. The judge determined that there was no substantial proof of irreparable harm.

Chief Deputy Castillo gave a report on Law Enforcement Activities. He said the Sheriff’s Department is working on a grant to improve the routing of 911 and Sheriff’s office calls for non-emergencies. Council Member Finch complimented the Sheriff’s Department on their quick response to welfare calls. 

A special event liquor license was granted to Robert Ollerton for the Patagonia Volunteer Fire and Rescue group, for its “Burger Burn” at the Artisan market event on October 14-15.

Mayor and Council approved Manager Robinson to submit an affordable housing proposal to the State Housing Trust Fund to build duplex housing units on Town Property. 

Mayor Wood was approved for signing a Proclamation honoring the 60th anniversary of the Mountain Empire Rotary Club. 

Sept. 27, 2023

For SCC Animal Control, Lieutenant Peña explained the working practices of his team in responding to calls. He reported that they were in the process of getting a $2 million grant to build a larger animal shelter. He concluded that a good deal of local animal problems stem from humans. 

Mayor and Council approved two proclamations for the month of October, 2023, designating the month as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Patagonia. A third proclamation was approved, declaring the week of October 15-21, 2023, as “Friends of the Library” week.

Patagonia Area Resource Alliance(PARA) President Carolyn Shafer presented an update on PARA’s legal actions. 

A trade of properties was approved between the Town and the Lenon Family Partnership. Councilor Finch explained that the swap lets the town connect their properties along Sonoita Creek. 

The Town supported The Nature Conservancy in applying for a US Forest Service Community Wildfire Defense Grant to build firebreaks around the Patagonia Area. 

Tess Wagner’s resignation from the Town’s Flood and Flow Committee was accepted, with appreciation for her contribution of watershed knowledge to the Committee’s efforts. 

The Trail Riders of Southern Arizona were approved to use portions of Doc Mock Park for “toy hauler” parking for their previously approved riding event in November.