October 11, 2023

Councilor Steve Finch reported about SAACA’s request to the Town’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for help in traffic safety for the upcoming Nogales Classic Bike Race. Councilor Stabile mentioned no longer seeing “trucking manifests,” the listing of oversize or overweight trucks passing through town. Manager Robinson replied that since there no longer was an overweight permit system, South32 had stopped providing that information. In response to Stabile’s suggestion that the Town request them anyway, Manager Robinson said he’d contact them. 

Murphy Musick’s bid for a portion of the Pittsburgh Ave right-of-way adjacent to 365 Santa Rita Ave was approved at the standard rate of 63 cents per square foot. The requested area is two 30×50-foot rectangles totaling 3,000 SF, for $1,890. 

The Mayor and Council approved the revision of the job description for clerk at the Patagonia Library. Councilor Finch clarified that the intention was to add a part-time person for extra coverage because the library is getting busier.

For the upcoming Spirit World 100 gravel bike weekend, Nov. 2-5, the group’s revised venue and traffic plan was approved. 

An event-specific liquor license was approved for Patagonia Area Resource Alliance’s Oct. 28 Masked Gala at the Patagonia Museum.

October 25,  2023

It was announced that the Manager and Mayor would be visiting the Governor’s office in the coming week, to begin dialogue about the qualities and needs of Patagonia and vicinity. It was described as the opening of an important channel of communication.

In Call to Public, Ralph Schmidt spoke in support of the reconstruction of the roof of the former Patagonia Jail building on McKeown Ave. The process and funding was approved by Mayor and Council.  

The possibility of reviving household recycling in Patagonia was presented via zoom by Emma Reyes, Municipal Manager for Republic Recycling Services, a nationwide  company with 14 million customers in 47 states. Ms. Reyes’ proposal was preliminary, but included mention of a pickup fee to the town of $900 per pickup. That fee that would cover pickup and replacement of one or two of their roll-off containers, however many had been filled. Discussions are underway with the town on how to have these containers monitored and how to further educate contributing residents about avoiding contamination, part of the difficulty with previous recycling attempts.

Kathleen Paiserb was approved as a returning member of the Flood and Flow Committee, with the comment that she’ll be a welcome asset to the Committee’s work. 

Adam Boyd was given approval for an event called ‘The Triathalon of Indulgence,’ to be held 8am -2pm on March 23, 2024. It’s a mix of tacos, beer and running miles, and will require no road closures or blockage.

Council meetings for November and December will be scheduled for one a month. Meetings will be held on Nov. 15 and Dec. 20, at 6pm.  

A special meeting of the Council and Mayor with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) was announced for 2pm. on Nov. 6. ADEQ’s presentation will concern their permitting for water and air. 

The Mayor and Council approved Resolution 23-11, authorizing the Mayor to execute an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Town and the State of Arizona Department of Revenue for the administration, collection, audit, and licensing of transaction privilege taxes, use taxes, severance taxes, jet fuel excise and use taxes, and rental occupancy taxes.