February 8, 2023 

Manager Ron Robinson reported that AZ Dept. of Environmental Quality had given approval to the Town’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, after a substantial site review, on January 28. He also mentioned that the fire-break clearing along Costello was being finished.

A study session, open to the public, was scheduled for Wednesday, March 1, at 6p.m. at the council chambers, to discuss some changes to Chapter 14 of the Town’s Code recommended by the Planning and Development Committee.

Mary Skye and Mary Tolena spoke about the application by the Planning and Development Committee for a $5,000 grant from the Patagonia Regional Community Fund of the Arizona Community Foundation that would be used to improve public engagement and involvement in implementing the Town Plan. Mary Skye spoke of the need for discussing impacts of mining and strategies to preserve the Town’s assets. The grant would require a fiscal sponsor for grant administration, and the Town cannot offer Manager 

Robinson’s, or any other employee’s time from an already overcrowded schedule. The grant application was not approved. The Mayor asked if the same advocacy could be done by volunteers, with a need to reach out to young people and families, such as by incorporating the ideas into high school classes or senior projects.

February 22, 2023

The Mayor and Council approved a recommendation to the Arizona Liquor Board for a liquor license for KPUP’s annual fundraising luau on May 13 at Cady Hall.

The Mayor and Council approved Manager Robinson signing the Subdivision and Special district Opioid Settlement Agreement with Teva and Allergan Pharmaceuticals, and the Pharmacies of CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.

The Mayor and Council finished the meeting and proceeded into executive session to review Manager Robinson’s evaluation