December 14, 2022

The Call to Public heard three concerned residents – Jean Miller, Mary Skye, and Judith Andrew – raise questions about the Harvest Moon Hostel, to be located at 316 Smelter Ave, the alley behind the hotel. Their concerns focused on parking and traffic, and the presence in the alley of hunting dogs owned by hostel guests. Jean Miller also discussed parking problems in the town’s center, but Mayor Wood steered the comments to the parts relevant to the hostel proposal. Commenters were reminded that the hostel organizer, Heather Wood, had made a full presentation about the project previously to the Town’s Planning and Development Committee, as announced on public bulletin boards. 

In New Business, the agenda had three items recommending and approving the Harvest Moon Hostel’s use permit application. Because the Mayor and one council member, who have family ties to the applicant, needed to recuse themselves, and Councilor Claverie was not present, a quorum was not available and the items were tabled and put onto the agenda for the next meeting, January 11.

After 21 years of service to the Library Advisory Board, Anu Krzys’s resignation from the board was tendered and accepted with thanks.

The Mayor and Council approved Manager Robinson as signer of a Community Investment Application for $189,100.58 with South32/Hermosa for the project of adding equipment and repairing a slide in the Richardson Park.

Mayor and Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mountain Empire Trail Association allowing them to place a storage shed for trail maintenance tools on town property east of SR 82.

Coronado Development had requested a new road in their development above Roadrunner Lane, and this was approved.