June 9, 2021 

The police report stated that AZ Game & Fish was being kept updated on local sightings of a mountain lion, and that people should limit or protect outdoor trash, and be cautious about their pets outdoors, since larger game animals were looking for water in this drought period.

Tree and Park Committee reported $14,000 income from memorial tree sales, and were dealing with ADOT on 38 park trees technically in the SR 82 right of way.

The Patagonia Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department’s yearly contract was renewed, beginning July 1.

A brief public hearing was held on the Final Budget for the Fiscal Year 2021-2022, which was increasing from 1.7 to 1.9 million dollars. After minor error corrections, it was approved by the Mayor and Council.

Clare Thaemert’s resignation from the Library Advisory board was accepted, after six years of service.

The purchase was approved for rebuilding the current press in the Town’s Wastewater Treatment Plan, at just under $94,000. South32 was thanked for contributing $50,000. 

Pace Water Engineering’s $86,967 agreement for construction management of the Treatment Plant’s refurbishment was approved. South32 was thanked for contributing $86,183. 

June 23, 2021 

Approval of minutes included both the previous Council meeting, and a special Council Study Session held with the Planning & Development (P&D) Committee June 15, 2021 to consider changes to the Town’s General Plan. An initial discussion point was a possible decrease in the Town’s Planning Area, the region of concern in the General plan, but there was no change finalized. Other topics included big-box store restriction, requiring new developments to pay a fair share of infrastructure extensions used by their development, wording about mineral exploration, traffic calming measures, in-town 15 mph speed limit, and off-street parking. P&D will finalize the committee’s proposed wording of changes to the General Plan, to be brought to a future Council meeting for finalization.

In Staff & Committee reports, Councilor Finch reported closure of the SC County covid vaccination effort. The percentage of eligible Patagonia residents who have been vaccinated was given as approximately 73%.

Flood and Flow chair Carolyn Shafer stated the Committee’s June discussions are covering hydrologists’ analyses of the Hermosa Project mine dewatering and water treatment proposals, and that the Committee would bring to the Town its comments about Patagonia’s designated vs. recognized Municipal Watershed area to the Committee after its July 8 meeting.

A discussion ensued concerning the closing of the Patagonia Marshall’s Office, with policing and animal control services to be taken over by the County on July 1. SCC Sheriff Hathaway and Commander Rodriguez explained features of the services to be provided. Manager Robinson explained that this arrangement would mean a significant annual savings to the Town. The IGA is to receive a one-year test. Marshall Patterson spoke of his service in the past and his perceived unfairness of treatment. Criticisms from citizens centered on the timing of notification and involvement of the community. Michael Young promised to mount a recall election for the Town officials. The two IGAs were approved.

Resolution no. 2021-10 was approved by Mayor and Council committing $67,892 to the previously approved process of seeking a Community Development Block Grant.

Caitlyn Coleman’s resignation as Library Clerk was accepted.

The Mayor and Council approved sale of a portion of Smelter Alley to Todd Norton for parking use at the back of his fitness studio in the converted church at 296 Duquesne Ave. 

Purchase Order #2228 was approved, for $16,480 for a conveyor to transfer solid waste from the belt press to a dump truck. 

July 14, 2021 

A P&D hearing on three use permits preceded the Council meeting. Mary Tolena’s proposal for using her “purple house” property on Harshaw Ave. for a van-camping facility and event space, and Zander Ault’s proposal to operate a bicycle parts facility and wine and beer bar at the Patagonia Lumber Company building were both approved for recommendation to the Council.

The third project, Aari Ruben’s proposal for an adult use recreational marijuana facility in the former Cose Buone building at 436 West Naugle Avenue, was controversial but was ultimately approved for recommendation to the Council. 

In the Council meeting, the Mayor reported on the success of the memorial tree fundraising effort, with 72 trees being sold at $200 each.

George Wysopal, from Trail Riders of Southern AZ, confirmed details for the previously approved weekend for 50-60 visiting riders, Nov. 19-21, 2021. 

The three Planning and Development use permit recommendations, discussed above, were approved.

A donation of the victory escort motorcycle, with trailer, from the Patagonia Marshal’s Office to the Red Sleigh Riders, was approved and will be used in the Town’s annual toy run.

The Town recommended approval to the AZ Liquor Board for an event-specific liquor license, for the Spirit World 100 event on Saturday Nov. 6, as applied for by Zander Ault.