July 28, 2021

In Call to the Public, there were objections raised to the Aari Ruben Use Permit, and a request for a reading of the wording of the Town’s upcoming Resolutions.

The Mayor squashed a false rumor that the Town was planning to close the Fire Department.

Kate Musick’s resignation was accepted, with thanks for service, from the Library Advisory Board, with Deborah Goff and Cynthia Berk accepted as new Board members. The Board’s recommended By-laws were approved.

A Use Permit was approved to operate a retail facility and beer and wine bar at the former Patagonia Lumber Company. 

A Use Permit was approved granting Mary Tolena a facility for events, workshops, camping and RV parking at 542 Harshaw Ave.

A Use Permit was approved for Aari Ruben for the operation of an adult-use marijuana establishment at 436 W Naugle Ave., with conditions.

The Town’s Intergovernmental Agreement with the County for provision of law enforcement services by the Sherriff’s agreement, with minor modifications approved at previous meetings, was approved. 

August 11, 2021 

There was a public hearing to discuss a $444,608 grant from the Southeast Arizona Government Organizations group (SEAGO) from the AZ Dept of Housing’s Regional Account. The funds are to be used for “shovel-ready” projects rather than project planning, and are intended to benefit low-income population in the Town. 

The Town’s Volunteer Code of Conduct was approved.

The new Citizens’ Complaint Form was approved.

The amended Overweight Vehicle Form was approved.

A liquor license for the Queen of Cups proposed wine bar at 320 Smelter Ave., was approved.

August 25, 2021 

In Call to the Public, Jeff Maxwell berated the Flood and Flow Committee, claiming it focused unduly on problems related to Harshaw Creek because of what he saw as an anti-mining mission, and suggested the Committee should no longer exist or have all its proposals voted on by citizens. Mayor Wood reminded those present that public comments needed to directly address agenda Items. 

For Flood and Flow Committee, Chairman Carolyn Shafer reported that ten citizens had recently been at ADEQ training in water monitoring equipment and data recording, as part of the evolving water monitoring program. The committee urged the Town to write a follow-up request letter to the Forest Service concerning the release of water data for both surface flow and quality, the Forest Service having not yet replied to an August, 2020 request. 

September 8, 2021 

Carolyn Shafer summarized for the Flood & Flow Committee, and promised a full report at the next Council meeting.

The Council and Mayor approved a letter of support for Bob Jacobson’s preparation of a grant application to bring comprehensive broadband internet services to Patagonia, Sonoita and Elgin. 

The town adopted Ordinance no. 21-04, adopting Town Code amendments to change regular Council meeting time from 7 to 6 pm.

For the Sky Island Artisan Market weekend, Oct. 9-10, 2021, a special event liquor license was granted to Cassina Farley for the Creative Arts Association.

September 22, 2021 

In Call to the Public, one citizen’s concern about an increase in unleashed dogs was mentioned and will become a future meeting agenda item.

Zander Ault presented logistics and layout for the spirit World 100 gravel bike race events, planned for Nov. 4-7. The discussion also included event scheduling and other logistical details from the Spirit World 100 event planning. 

Ault stated that the event is sold out at 250 riders, with an estimated 30-40 possible tenting groups. The event opens with a $125-per-ticket fundraising dinner event at the Gravel House for Borderlands Restoration Network.