October 13, 2021 

Jeff Maxwell, speaking for the Fire Department, explained the department’s protocol for not entering sites where law enforcement was needed to first secure the site. His example was a large party held in the Town’s Richardson Park, where there were sizable mortars set off among other fireworks. Law enforcement (then the Marshal’s responsibility) did not show up, so the attending Fire Dept. personnel simply left the scene.

In new business, George Wysopal, of Trail Riders of Arizona, showed the Council the layout for desired park use for their upcoming cycle riders’ Nov. 20 event, an annual fundraiser which raises money for local food banks. Wysopal was thanked for the careful and considerate planning for this event.

Borderlands Restoration Network was given a special event liquor license for a fundraising event Nov. 5 and 6, in collaboration with the Spirit World 100 gravel bike race. The event will be in Patagonia’s central park and might use the gazebo for music or other performance events.

The purchase of a Daikin mini-split air conditioning system for the library was approved, replacing the current frequently failing and hard to maintain system. The Mayor and Council approved the expense of $6,950.

The Town of Patagonia proclaimed October 17-23 as “Arizona Cities and Towns Week.”

The Mayor and Council approved resolution 21-15, to accept an amended version of the One Arizona Opioid Settlement Memorandum of Understanding, which allows the town to participate in a national settlement action that could bring the town money that would be used for drug education and related programs. The potential settlement would be $53-56,000. Responding to a citizen question, Manager Robinson confirmed the existence of a declared opioid emergency and that that there had been opioid-related deaths in the town. 

October 27, 2021 

This meeting, was preceded by a meeting of the Planning and Development Committee,(P&D) which was divided into a hearing for two use permits, then a closed Committee meeting which approved both permit applications for forwarding to the town for its final decision.

In the Town Council meeting, P&D presented its recommendations for the two use permits. The two permit applications approved by P&D, one for David King and Patty Barraza who requested a permit to hold a swap meet on their property at 132 Naugle Ave, and one for Kayla Lewis-Simpson and partners, for “The Queen of Cups,” a small-scale restaurant offering food and wine, as well as having a small-scale winemaking operation, in a tenant facility at the Doles /Wood warehouse were discussed in the Council meeting.

The swap meet proposal was questioned about the frequency of meet (monthly) and the possible problems with parking, as well as whether they’d allow sales of firearms and various food supplements and medicines. King said they would prohibit firearms sales, and he’d investigate regulations for supplements and medicines and follow them. The Queen of Cups partners were questioned about parking, as well as business hours. Both use permits were granted

A joint Study Session with the Flood and Flow Committee was set up for Nov. 9 at 6p.m., to continue the discussion of their draft ordinance which outlines the committee’s duties to the Council.

The interview process for a new Town Attorney/prosecutor is beginning, and interviews are scheduled for Nov. 1, in executive session.

Council and Mayor have scheduled Wednesday council meetings for both Nov.and Dec., condensing the normal two meetings a month, due to holidays. The dates are November 17 and December 15, both at 6p.m.

The Town approved paying off the USDA Rural Development loan for water system improvements from 2014, improving the Town’s cash flow by $21,828 per year.