November 17, 2021 

The Town approved for Mayor Wood to sign Subdivision Settlement Participation Forms for the ongoing opioid settlement against distributors and Janssen, in completion of the Settlement Agreement dated July 21, 2021.

To clarify and simplify the Town’s regulations on truck movements within the Town, a Study Session was approved, for January 5 at 6 pm. 

Recommendations from the Town’s Tree and Park Committee concerning maintenance, horticulture and landscape care in the Doc Mock Park, were approved. Committee Chairman Caleb Weaver explained the new additions to the final version, including incorporation of the County’s Water Harvesting Guidance Manual (available at 

The Mayor and Council responded to concerns of Paulette Gatlin, about large groups and vehicle gatherings in Town, such as a large group of loud ATVs for a day in August. The visiting group was described as “renegade” by one Council member, explaining that it wasn’t a single event, nor had requested permission of the Town, but word had been spread ahead of time on Facebook. There were several other vehicle and traffic related issues brought up, and a study session was approved for 6p.m., December 8, 2021 in the Council Chambers.

The Mayor and Council approved Murphy Musick as a member of the Town’s Municipal Property Corporation. Corporation President Steve Finch explained that the Corporation is a financing tool for the town that meets formally only once a year, yet would benefit from a couple more members.

It was approved for Mayor Wood to sign a termination agreement with South32 which finalizes this year’s road improvement agreement.

South32’s support for the relocation of the caboose donated to the town by Peter Robbins will be written up as a Community Support Agreement, and Manager Robinson was authorized to sign it.