December 15, 2021

In call to the public, new town resident Cherise Monge presented the initial idea of opening a solo private mental health practice here, saying she believed the town has a need for such services, especially around addiction. Mayor Wood added the thought that the ongoing opiate settlement agreement previously approved by the town might cover costs of such services.

Councilor Finch gave a county vaccination update, mentioning that the Nogales Recreation Center would be offering vaccinations for kids older than 12, on the 28th-29th-30th of December. Kids under 12 can receive 1/3 doses in January, and vaccination in general continues to be available at Walmart and Walgreens.

Manager Robinson again acknowledged the caboose donation by Peter Robbins, placed on its short rails at Doc Mock Park the day before. South32 paid for the transportation, in the range of $9,500-12,000, and the Town is supporting Sky Island Business Alliance’s use of the caboose as a visitor center.

The November 4-6 Spirit World 100 gravel cycling event was reviewed by Zander Ault, beginning with his organization’s great pleasure at the whole event and appreciation for the Town’s support. He felt the new park location, including the private use of the gazebo area worked out well, noting that the event’s 250 registered riders also brought about another 150 supporters, for a total visitor group of around 400. $13,000 had been donated to Borderlands Restoration Network, raised at the benefit dinner before race day. Ault acknowledged that the 6:30a.m. drummers on race day had bothered some residents, so that would not be repeated. He also acknowledged some residents felt the privatizing of the park for alcohol and a concert widely audible in the town contributed to the sense of outsiders occupying the town.

Mayor Wood’s signing of the Subdivision Settlement Participation forms for the opioid settlement against three distributors was approved, a result of the settlement agreement of July 21, 2021. 

The Town accepted Accelerated Construction’s bid of $42,940 to install three valves in the Town’s water main at First Ave. and Forrest Dr. Should line repairs be needed in the area, these valves will allow isolation of smaller segments of the line, and thus decrease the amount of disruption to residents.

The Mayor and Council planned to have a Study Session on January 6, 2022, at 6p.m. to determine permit requirements and an overnight and long-term parking fee schedule, as well as discussing restriction of off-loading of recreational vehicles within Town limits, to decrease annoyances to residents.

The Mayor and Council approved Manager Robinson’s signing of a Construction Services Agreement with Pace Water Engineers, to oversee refurbishment of the Town’s wastewater plant, at a cost of $87,000, an amount donated by South32.

The Town will send a letter of support to the Santa Cruz Heritage Alliance supporting that group’s Management Plan which will implement the goals of the National Heritage Area.