January 12, 2022 

The Mayor and Council approved a repeat lunch gathering on March 7, 2022 from 11-1p.m., of the PAC group, in the park by the restrooms, as they have successfully done in prior years.

Mellissa Murietta’s resignation from the Planning and Development Committee was accepted, along with her sadness that she can no longer be involved after 11 years.

Manager Robinson explained a waterline replacement project along Sheard Drive and Rothrock Alley from 3rd to 4th Avenues, which would replace galvanized and steel service lines. It would use about $200,000 of American Rescue Act Funds. It was approved. He said that the Town’s water-sewer contingency funds were at $10,000 and they’d like to build toward a more comfortable reserve of $50,000. Similarly, there are now $138,000 of landfill closure funds at hand, and the desired level would be $300,000. 

January 19, 2022 

Special Study Session on Town’s Truck Ordinance

The intent of the meeting was to see if any changes were needed to the Town’s current draft revision of its heavy truck ordinance. Melanie Lawson representing South32, explained that the company was keeping spreadsheets of its truck traffic, with about 30 trucks this week, which is expected to increase somewhat in the future. They will track overweight trucks and pay charges as needed.

The discussion included enforcement in the event of violations of town ordinance; clearer definitions of overweight vehicles; simplifying the criteria involving numbers of axles, steering and non-steering axles; the state Dept. of Transportation weight limit enforcement process; requirements for submitting a manifest of truck activity; civil penalties for overweight vehicles; the role of County Sheriff in issuing citations; and the process of reporting both truck traffic and incidents. 

Mayor Wood reminded the group that the intention of the ordinance is to help preserve tranquility and safety within the town as important parts of its quality of life. At the end, no significant changes were adopted, and the draft was approved.

January 26,2022

The Mayor and Council approved a Valentine’s Day Market event organized by Aisha Lurry of Patagonia Flower Farm, to be held Monday Feb. 14 from 12-5p.m., near the original gazebo. There will be no fees for vendors.

Mayor and Council approved the granting to the town, by Wildlife Corridors LLC and by Gerald and Cynthia Jenkins, of a conservation easement under the Forest Legacy Program. Either Town Manager or Mayor is approved to review and execute necessary documents, with minor corrections if needed.

The Mayor and Council then went into Executive Session concerning the Town Manager’s compensation.