August 10

Town Manager Robinson announced the closure, until further notice, of Richardson Park because of damage from the fallen tree.

Heather Floyd, of Valley Telecom, presented the plan to bring a high-speed fiber line to Patagonia, with initial connection at the high school. Timing of availability of service to residents is not confirmed. Further information can be found at

The Mayor and Council approved a letter of concern from the Town’s Flood and Flow committee to the County Planning and Zoning commission concerning the Conditional Use Permit proposal by the Palo Verde Eco-Lodge project. 

Mayor and Council approved the liquor license for the Community Garden’s annual pie auction fundraiser, Sept. 11.

Mayor and Council approved a resolution to proceed with establishing fees for use of the town’s park by for-profit groups.

Mayor and Council approved a resolution formally adopting the results of the Town’s primary election, held August 2. Mayor Wood was reconfirmed, as was Steve Finch for Council member, the single available position. Both candidates were unopposed, and thus are renewed by declaration.

A proposal for a cycling camp was tabled.

August 24

Mayor Wood reported that the McKeown Rd. improvements are draining well after all the rain.

The Mayor and Council approved the sale of a portion of Rothrock Alley right-of-way in the eastside addition to Martin Shore’s Coronado Development group.

The Mayor and Council approved the awarding of a water service replacement to E&G Contractors, for $274,303.00 along Sheard Drive.

A Town Council Public Hearing for the CDBG Colonias Set-aside Grant was approved for Wednesday August 31, at 6 pm.

Zander Ault presented plans for this year’s Spirit World 100 event. Mayor and Council approved the dates of Nov. 4 and 5 for the event. Details included start-finish line change, road closure request, race start time on Nov. 5, live music concert plans, and request for Town Park use. Ault was asked by Mayor Wood to submit a revised application for Park use. 

Mayor and Council approved a $3500 increase in the Nextgen Engineers’ contract for construction management of the Sheard Drive project, adding inspections to their work.

September 14

For the March 4, 2023 Ruta Del Jefe cycling event, the Mayor and Council approved a route from Blue Haven Road through town to Harshaw Ave. The event organizers anticipate about 70 riders in small groups between 2 and 11.30 pm. Riders will follow all traffic regulations and wear approved bicycle helmets.

The Mayor and Council approved Manager Robinson to apply for Surface Transportation Block Grant for $1,523,068 to SEAGO (Southeast Arizona Government Organization) for continuing the reconstruction of McKeown Av from 4th Av. to SR82. The Town pledges $86,211.00 as a 6% matching amount.

The Town approved the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department’s liquor license for a barbeque fundraiser during the Oct. 8 – 9 Artisans’ Market, in the Park, at the bathroom end.

Mayor and Council approved a special Town council meeting and public hearing for the CDBG Colonias Set-aside Grant on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022, at 6 pm.

The Mayor and Council rejected the proposal to purchase the house next to Richardson Park, at 417 McKeown Av, to transform it into a duplex unit creating affordable housing. Manager Robinson said he’d received from the seller a 100-plus page inspection report showing very substantial work required. The purchase and resulting construction work would add significantly to the Town’s debt.