February 12, 2020 

The Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Area workshop, open to the public, will take place Feb. 21, 9a.m.-12. 

Marshal Patterson said that Animal Control had dealt with three skunks, one rabid. There has been ongoing staff training in information flow at the management level. The Department was investigating a disturbing anonymous letter at the high school. 

A liquor license was approved for a March 21 “Voices of the Border” fundraising event to be held at La Mision, in Patagonia, 5-10p.m. 

A procedural correction was approved to the Town’s Resolution no. 19-08, authorizing the sale of an abandoned portion of 3R Avenue. Another similar sale will be forthcoming for a portion of North Ave. 

An open study session for a broad look at issues related to the community’s pool will take place March 4 at 6p.m. 

February 26, 2020 

Philip Brister, board member for the Senior Citizen Center, reported that their building’s two evaporative coolers had been replaced and an electric generator had been installed. He gave statistics for monthly numbers of lunches served (500-800), and for the transportation program, which had included about 400 volunteer driver hours. Brister also mentioned the Center’s guest chef for Feb.29 was Town Manager Ron Robinson. 

Marshal Patterson reported that his department contributed support at the passing of well-known citizen Arcenio De la Ossa. He also reported on the Department’s participation in a multi-agency drug traffic response training. He also stressed the need for helmet and eye protection for ATV riders under 18, and driver’s licenses for those over 18 on the town’s roads. 

Manager Robinson explained the town’s protocol about the timing of placing garbage at the curb (6 a.m. requested) by giving the routines of the garbage truck and assisting pickup. 

The town’s Resolution 20-01 was passed, allowing the sale of an abandoned portion of North Ave. to Coronado Custom Homes. Developer Martin Short will pay the Town $3300 for the 22 x 400’ lot. 

The Mayor and Council agreed to schedule a study session about the “perpetual yard sale” operating next to Red Mountain Foods. Manager Robinson had worked with the proprietors to remove traffic cones they sometimes place in the Town’s right of way, and added that Third Avenue Antiques did have a town business license and was paying town sales tax, as well as paying John Sheldon for use of the lot under a lease arrangement. The possible need for the business to apply for a use permit was mentioned.