July 13

The Mayor and Council approved and Council approved the final draft of the Flood and Flow Committee’s powers and duties.

Mayor and Council adopted a resolution designating Ron Robinson as the Chief Fiscal Officer for the purpose of submission of the Fiscal Year 2023 Expenditure Limitation Report to the Arizona Auditor General.

Mayor and Council approved a Study Session on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 6p.m. to finalize an agreement about certain fees for use of the Town Parks.

July 27

The Mayor reported there’d been a ribbon cutting at the corner of McKeown and Third Aves. to mark the completion of the McKeown Ave. road improvement project. 

It was announced that Ann Danowitz would be mentoring Kayla Miller to help her transition to being a full-time librarian for the Town.

Manager Robinson announced closure of Richardson Park until Aug. 12 because of damage repair projects following the fall on July 18 of a large juniper tree, from the Park into a neighbor’s back yard.

The Mayor & Council thanked South32 for responding to complaints of company-related vehicle speeding on Harshaw Av, with their plans to deploy a second speed readout sign. South32’s Melanie Lawson stated the company would enforce infractions by their staff or suppliers & subcontractors, in graduated levels if infractions continued beyond the first.

The appointment of the Election Board by the Town of the August 2, 2022, primary election, at $120 per member, was approved.

Town Resolution 2022-10 was approved, committing $323,622 as leverage for a North American Development Bank Community Assistance Program (CAP) grant in the amount of $500,000.

The Mayor and Council approved the Town’s acceptance of a $665,997 bid for the refurbishment of the wastewater treatment plant, contingent on the North American Development Bank’s release of $500,000 of CAP funds.

Aaron Mirotek was appointed to the Town’s Flood and Flow Committee to replace Marty Lawrence, who is leaving his position with The Nature Conservancy at the end of July.

Velvet Elvis restaurant was given a recommendation to the AZ Liquor Board for approval of a liquor license for its new location at 335 McKeown.

Mayor and Council approved the sending of a letter of concern to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors and the County Planning and Zoning Commission, presenting 4th Ave and related easements as unsafe, underdeveloped, and in need of legal clarification about rights of way before access use by the proposed eco-lodge on county property at the border of the town. This letter will be accompanied by one from Fire Chief Ike Isaacson on the need for road improvements to facilitate emergency service vehicles, since the Patagonia Fire and Rescue team serves that area.