August 12, 2020

The Town reported a 39% participation rate in the US Census to date, hoping for a stronger showing among townspeople by the time the Census is completed.

Planning & Development Chairman Budd reported that they were working with the Paton Center on a major renewal project for their physical plant. He added that the committee was working with a draft of revisions to the Town’s General Plan, and that it would appear on a future Agenda, or lead to a special work-study session.

South 32 was given approval to proceed with local road improvements. The work area includes 3rd and Taylor Ave between Naugle and McKeown, helipad, and Harshaw Road to the Town limits at the first Harshaw Creek bridge.

Vice-mayor Stabile raised concerns about South32’s “dewatering” plan to discharge approximately 1.7 billion gallons of treated mine-site water yearly into the Harshaw Creek watershed.

Flood and Flow Chair Carolyn Shafer requested and received the Town’s approval for sending letters to the Forest Service requesting a groundwater study, and to South32 for their full water data and reports in the Hermosa project areas and vicinity, covering both surface and underground water movements and known aquifers.

The Town approved sale of an unused portion of Red Rock Ave., a block north of Harshaw Ave.

August 26, 2020

The Mountain Empire Rotary Club presented the town’s Animal Control program with two traps and carriers that will help with the town’s capture of feral cats.

Planning & Development Committee announced a Sept. 1 meeting to review a use permit for a construction project at Paton Center. There will be public hearings November 9 for the project.

For the Town’s Flood and Flow Committee, Chair Carolyn Shafer presented a request for the Town to approve the Committee’s quest to fund a full study of mitigation ideas to protect the community from future major flooding, as part of comprehensive watershed planning. This study, costing in the range of $50-100,000, would be arranged at no cost to the town, and the Committee’s request was approved.

Manager Robinson explained the financing for pre-design of a rehabilitation plan for the wastewater treatment plant. His proposed sequence and sourcing were approved, at no cost to the Town at this point.

September 9, 2020

Vice Mayor Stabile reported that South32 will be continuing discussion with the Town on the specific water-related information the Town wants from the Company.

Pace Engineering has sent an approved contract for the rehab project for the Town’s Water Treatment Plant.

The Planning & Development Committee introduced a hearing on Audubon’s plan to replace the buildings at the Paton Center. The Mayor and Council approved the Use Permit for the project.

September 23, 2020

Mayor Wood stated the Town’s choice to keep the public restrooms in the Town Park closed.

It was announced that the Town will work with the contractor for the South32-supported road resurfacing in town on timing and phasing of the upcoming project, and would be notifying affected residents.

Marshal Patterson reported, in light of the nationwide uprising about police brutality, that his department’s “use of force” policies continue to be under review, and that appropriate trainings and certifications were continuing.

Hermosa President Pat Risner gave a slide presentation covering groundwater, well locations and lab results. He also responded to the town’s desired list of data and studies.

Risner announced a public open house on the Hermosa Project, to be held at the PUHS football field, from 3-6 pm on Tuesday October 20. The two main topics would be current concerns about water and access routes.

Flood and Flow Committee Chair Carolyn Shafer was granted approval for a letter of support from the Committee to the AZ Dept. of Fire and Forestry Management for a grant for landscape restoration to be implemented by Borderlands’ Restoration Network.