November 18, 2020 

Mayor Wood thanked Manager Robinson for his handling of the new road resurfacing project.

Marshal Patterson reported that deputies’ trainings were continuing, including training with Santa Cruz County on responding to DUI events. The Marshal reported on his ongoing agency coordination, and daily contact, with the County’s emergency manager during the COVID emergency. 

Chairman David Budd, of the Planning and Development Committee delivered a report saying they would be looking at the final details for the McKeown – 3rd Ave. portion of the road project; that the Committee would be considering the possible usefulness of granting temporary use permits for short-term projects in town; and that his committee is participating in the revision process for the general plan of SEAGO, the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization.

The Fire Department report gave a list of incidents responded to, including: 16 medical calls, one fire, two public assistance calls, one motor vehicle accident, and one rescue.

Ryan Shore was approved to join the Town’s Tree and Park Committee.

For next November, a return of the dirtbiker event “There Will be Dust” was approved, with the note that previous events had been well planned and trouble-free.

The resignation of Brad Sanders from the Planning and Development Committee was accepted.

The Flood and Flow Committee’s plan to finalize with the Forest Service the mapped definition of the Town’s official Municipal Watershed, along with its sub-watersheds, was approved. Chair Carolyn Shafer explained that one important use of this watershed designation is in the making of Watershed Restoration Plans. She also announced that the Forest Service was beginning a five-mine remediation project in the upper reaches of Harshaw Creek, at a cost of $3.725 million to taxpayers. 

Because of holiday schedules, the Mayor and Council approved having only one December Council meeting, scheduled for Dec. 16 at 7p.m.

A Study Session for the Mayor and Council is scheduled for Dec. 16 at 6p.m., to approve changes and updates to the Town’s Personnel Policy, dating from 2000. 

The Town’s participation in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State of Arizona, known as the “One Arizona Plan,” was approved. This will provide a framework for the equitable distribution of Opioid Settlement funds with the explanation by Town Attorney Bobby Yu that the process of receiving the funds can be created as we go forward. An example of the use of the funds would be in training first responders in the use of naloxone to overdose cases. 

In a second MOU agreement, the Mayor and Council approved the Town’s participation in a partnership with Borderlands Restoration Network, Tucson Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy.