December 16, 2020 

During the Call to the Public, Brenda Samosa stated that the closure of Richardson Park was excessively restrictive on kids. Mayor Wood requested she submit suggestions to the Council in writing for policies that might make it safe to reopen the park. 

Marshal Patterson reported that deputies’ trainings were continuing, including video simulation with Pima County and some drug training.

For Planning & Development, Chairman Budd discussed his involvement with Southeast Arizona Association of Governmental Organizations (SEAGO). He is adding into SEAGO’s goals-document process two points about ecotourism and the “green corridor” developing through Patagonia to Sonoita. Budd also mentioned that the Committee was starting work on a master plan element for the town that would include circulation, trails and parks, as well as continuing their work on suggested revisions for the Town’s General Plan.

Council and Mayor approval was given to Spirit World 100, for a mountain bike event, on Nov. 4-7, 2021, similar to one held in 2019. Event coordinator Zander Ault outlined their ongoing coordination with local businesses, along with Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties. Ault added that when they opened online registration for the 2019 event, all 250 places sold out in two days, so that around 400 visitors might be expected, a big boost for local outdoor recreation. His planning and coordination were heartily praised by Councilor Murietta. It was recognized that an event 11 months away is contingent on major improvement in COVID cases by the fall.

David Goggs, a resident on Pennsylvania Av., had requested a two-foot variance to build within the normal ten-foot separation from septic systems, and after some discussion of the financial hardships and extra building the extra two feet would cost (over $8000), he was granted the variance.

As Resolution No. 20-15, the Town approved changes to the Patagonia Personnel Policy Guidelines.

As Resolution 20-16, the Town’s adoption of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State of Arizona, known as the “One Arizona Plan” was approved. As later explained by Manager Robinson, “The Resolution followed the participation agreement from last month’s Council Meeting. After discussions with the County Manager, it looks like Patagonia would receive close to $50,000 for the purchase of equipment, training, and school anti-drug programs. This number is assumptive based on the percentage allotment from a settlement. “

Over the last five years the Town has been affected by six opioid deaths and about three opioid-related DUIs. The “declaration of emergency” is language allowed by our Town Code for Resolutions involving a serious effect on our citizens.

The town agreed to provide a Letter of Support for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation “Watersmart” grant being applied jointly for by three local conservation groups, Friends of Sonoita Creek, and Borderlands Restoration Network. The grant will allow full-watershed planning and analysis toward the formation of a Watershed Restoration Plan.