January 13, 2021 

A brief video of new Councilor Francesca Claverie being sworn in by Judge Bracamonte was presented, as this was Claverie’s first meeting. Departing Councilor Melissa Murietta was thanked for her service.

The Volunteer Fire Dept. reported about 20 incident responses for the month. 14 of them were medical calls, and two were fire related.

The Patagonia Senior Center reported 238 volunteer hours, with 5,364 miles driven in service of 80 seniors in the last quarter. The dining room remains closed, but takeout meal service is conducted from 12-1, Monday through Friday. Building maintenance continues.

The Tree and Park Committee reported on the sale of commemorative trees with plaques, to raise money for extending the irrigation system in Doc Mock Park. There would be roughly 50 Emory oaks available at $200 each. Committee member Caleb Weaver noted that some of the trees would be coming from the Borderlands Restoration nursery.

The Council and Mayor approved the writing of a letter of support on behalf of a Borderlands Restoration Network grant proposal to the Natonal Environmental Education foundation for extending irrigation lines in Doc Mock Park.

The Council and Mayor approved new wording to clarify the Encroachment Permit process (under Town Code article 7-7, for Street Excavations).

The Council and Mayor approved an application of Jim Stratton to have carport supports one foot inside the Valenzuela Alley right-of-way, with the structure’s roof extending a foot into that right of way. There was no objection to the proposal, based on drawings submitted with the application.

A second variance, for five feet of extension into the right of way to the home of Bob Brandt, that would allow a drive-through carport and allow safer and physically easier movement in and out of the home was granted, on the condition that it not block emergency vehicles. 

The Council and Mayor approved camping in Doc Mock Park by the “WIN” (Wandering Individual Network) group, from March 17-21, 2021. It was mentioned this group has self-contained trailers, would follow the Town’s COVID protocols, and are a known group who has visited for several years, always leaving a donation to the Town.

A study session to consider the implications for the town of State Proposition 207, allowing the legalization and taxation of recreational cannabis for adult use, was scheduled for Jan. 19, 2021. At that session, many pros and cons for the town were considered, along with some discussion of the differences in regulation and sales of medical vs. recreational cannabis. It was decided that the Town’s attorney, Bobby Yu, would draft language for the Town to review, on the business license & regulation process for cannabis businesses.

The Town Council and Mayor approved a meeting in the Town Park, on March 15, 2021 between 11a.m. and 1p.m. of the PAC group of 12 cyclists.