April 14, 2021 

Marshall Patterson reported he had been doing preparation for Covid vaccinations in Patagonia, working with Ray Sayres of the Santa Cruz County office of Emergency Management.

David Budd is resigning as chairman of the Planning and Development Committee. He was thanked for his service.

The major funding for Phase 3 of the McKeown Street pavement modification project – between Third and Fourth Ave to SR 82 – will come from Southeast Arizona Governmental Organizations (SEAGO), a total of $437,557. The Town will contribute $60,000. South32 will contribute to cover the rental of barriers during pavement work. Councilor Reibslager asked about the significant dips where Fourth Ave. crosses McKeown, and was assured they would be considered.

The Council and Mayor approved a resolution which authorizes the submission of an application for Fiscal Year 2021 for a Community Development Block Grant, previously discussed.

South32 gave details of the previously approved Stage 2 road modification project. It will modify the pavement on three sides of the helipad-Mariposa Clinic block, add sidewalks on Third Ave. and McKeown Ave., and integrate water runoff toward the town’s central park areas. The work will begin staging in May, see completion of paving by end of June, leaving 4th of July free, and will complete by the end of August. 

The Council and Mayor approved a proclamation declaring April as “Fair Housing Month” in Patagonia. They also adopted a fair housing policy.

The Council and Mayor approved a new job descripition for a utility service worker for streets and maintenance.

The Council and Mayor approved a Budget Study Session for 6p.m., April 21, 2021. 

They proclaimed April 22, 2021 as Earthfest in Patagonia, as well as AZ Trails Day and Arbor day.

The Council and Mayor approved a proposal by Sky Islands Tourist Association to be the sponsor of a rebranded Fall Festival as“Sky Islands Artisan Market,” to be held October 9 -10, 2021 in the town park. 

The organizer, Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance, plans for only artisans as exhibitors, with no community groups, political organizations or candidates, nor the beergarden. Publicity will be local and not utilize social media, with the hope of avoiding the crowds who have filled prior Fall Festivals.