May 12, 2021 

The recent Border Patrol-initiated pursuit into town was discussed. The Marshal reported that a high-speed vehicle with migrants collided with a concrete road barrier near Duquesne AV and Harshaw Rd and was tipped on its side, resulting in injuries, but no fatalities. The Border Patrol will investigate possible criminal charges. 

The County’s availability of COVID vaccine for anyone 12 or older was announced, by appointment or walk-in. Youth 12-18 will need to be accompanied by a guardian. 

New business fees for business licenses and commercial dumpster fees were announced and finalized by adoption of Resolution no. 21-08. 

Clear Creek and Associates presented a third-party data review and hydrologic evaluation of potential flow impacts to the Town from South32’s proposed discharge of water from tunnel-dewatering into Harshaw Creek. Hermosa Project President Risner assured listeners that his company would help with mitigation if anything adverse happened. 

A recreational marijuana sales business license was approved for the former Cose Buone Restaurant on Naugle Ave. Mark Beres presented the company’s plan to deal with all regulations and provide security for the facility. 

The town designated a Chief Financial Officer to submit required fiscal reports to the AZ Auditor General. 

The job description for a Library Clerk was approved.

The Mayor & Council voted to continue as a contributor to the town’s pool, but no longer as a partner.

May 26, 2021 

The Flood & Flow Committee reported having had a Clear Creek hydrological presentation expanding on the one previously given to the Town. At the Committee’s next meeting, Patagonia Area Resource’s two hydrological consultants will present what’s known about existing monitoring of water, and what further data and studies are needed. 

German Quiroga’s resignation from the Library Board was accepted.

An update to the Cady Hall Facility Use Agreement was approved. 

Tucson Audubon’s purchase of five acres of land beside the Paton Center was approved, noting Audubon’s offer was a generous solo bid. 

JGP Consulting’s bid of $4,200 for updating the Town Landfill’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan was accepted. 

Todd Norton Plumbing’s bid for a Doc Mock Park irrigation project was accepted, part of the Memorial Tree Project.