Joe and Michelle Frazier feature vintage, one-of-a-kind items in their new shop in Patagonia. Photo by Marion Vendituoli

“Something old, something new” might be an apt way to think about the mostly one-of-a-kind vintage and a few “really cool” modern items for sale at Timeless Travelers, the new gift store neatly nestled in its modest quarters a few steps across the plaza from the Ovens of Patagonia.

Owners Michelle and Joe Frazier, relative newcomers both to Patagonia and the retail sales world, say they deliberately chose to launch this new venture on a relatively small scale and to live in this community largely to give themselves a much slower pace of life. Timeless Travelers Shop opened in Patagonia after the couple sold their highly-acclaimed and award-winning Café Marcel in Tucson last August.

Weary of the long hours, hard work and impatient, sometimes rude customers, the Fraziers were more than ready for a change of pace as well as scenery. They checked out several small towns in Arizona before discovering that unique set of characteristics that defines Patagonia and concluded this community was the place that would best fulfill their
hopes for a less harried existence. They have not been disappointed and are delighted with their decision.

Although they opened the store only a couple months ago during Fall Festival, the Fraziers bought a multi-unit housing complex on Duquesne Avenue a year ago, moved into one of its two-bedroom apartments and easily found tenants for the others to supplement their income from the shop. Their new lifestyle is exactly what they had hoped for after
the demanding schedule required by the café operation.

Fondly remembering her grandmother’s gifts of costume jewelry when she was a child, Michelle said, “Things don’t need to be expensive to be special.” Most of the items are small, modestly-priced pieces that Michelle purchases at estate sales and auctions. A few larger items, such as a roll-top desk, can be found among the numerous bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other ladies’ accessories. Joe especially enjoys researching the history of the vintage pieces available. “It’s like a treasure hunt,” he said.

Timeless Travelers, offering “vintage charm for today’s style,” is open Thursday through Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Fraziers invite you to stop in, get acquainted and possibly find something you just can’t live without. Call (520) 268-for more information