These times are different and challenging, demanding change. Calling us to change.

Presently, the bodies we inhabit are challenging us. Our present condition now hosts a virus which has taken our worldly attention and our attention has given it, COVID-19, a lot of power to destroy us, for a while. Like all phenomena, it will come to an end. The virus, once it no longer has the supportive environment it needs to survive, will leave.

We now and have been for generations treating only the symptoms of our diseases. We have drugs for a headache, surgery for a cancer, vaccinations for viruses. We are fighting a war against Nature which is impossible to win while killing and punishing each other in hopes of happiness. We are presently at war with something which has taken our complete attention. COVID-19 is our collective world’s enemy and we are seemingly lessening the spread of COVID-19 by not fully participating in the act of living. Wearing masks, not touching one another, not joining together in work and play obviously lessens the chances of infection but does not address the cause which is our lifestyle and the consequences of that. There are those who are suffering and dying during the Lockdown. The vaccine that will surely come will allow us to continue our lifestyle as we will. The consequences of which will also surely come to be.

Disease is a result of, and can be a strengthening to, a weakened immune system which includes the body as a whole, an interdependent unified whole. The presence of the virus triggers symptoms we’ve been conditioned to understand as disease meaning “TROUBLE,” which it is, and when we are aware we actually enable our body to retreat, to rest and allow the intelligence of Nature, the natural intellect of our body to proceed in its cleansing, its healing. Not unlike a forest fire or storm cleans out that which is weakening to the whole.

Our entire life, which includes our way of thinking, eating, and consuming, is the lifestyle which can weaken our personal and earth’s immune system (which is one in the same) if we are not living consciously.

‘Trouble’ in Oriental medicine also means ‘Opportunity.’