A Note from Family Health Care Amigos

Many of you who are new to the community do not know about our non-profit. Though we started our current services in 2016, our organization has been helping residents since 1976. More than 80 per cent of our clients live on $1000/month or less.

Imagine you live on $880 a month. You live in a used RV in a small RV park of six units. You and your neighbors do not have transportation. You sit on towels and sheets all day because you are completely incontinent and cannot afford the $200 to $300 it would take for pull ups, bladder control pads and wipes or bed pads.

Then imagine that a volunteer from a local church takes you to their church and during coffee after the service you talk to a woman who is a client of Family Health Care Amigos. She tells you she gets enough pull ups and bladder control pads to last her a month, every month! She gives you a phone number and you learn that you and the other six elderly men and women in your RV park ALL qualify for these supplies FREE of CHARGE.

You further learn that there is a dependable volunteer for this organization that will deliver these supplies to you once a month in the small, very underserved community of St. David’s, where you live.

What happens to your life? You can now get up and leave your RV. You start to plug in to other services through Family Health Care Amigos for durable medical equipment such as walkers, rollators, hospital beds, wheelchairs or transport chairs. You learn the volunteer can hook you up with community transportation services so you can wear your pull up to a doctor’s appointment, appointments to DES or community health care. You are no longer imprisoned in your RV. Your life had become so small but now it is getting larger. You have enough confidence to invite your daughter and grandchildren over to visit. You can have a friend over for lunch.

You begin to have a voice, in your RV park and in your community. You tell everyone you meet who might qualify for these services about them. You are an advocate in your community. You are no longer hidden in the shadows; you have your voice back and you use it to help others.

This is a true story that plays out in small, rural communities such as Patagonia, Rio Rico, Tubac, Sonoita, Elgin, Canelo, Whetstone, Huachuca City and other tiny rural areas.

Our program brings hope, dignity and a higher standard of living to all who receive our services. Check out our quarterly evaluations. In their own words, our clients say, “I can now afford to buy a higher quality of food. My health is improving.” “I can now afford to pay medical co-pays.” “I am able to leave my apartment without fear of publicly humiliating myself if I spoil myself. “

Friends, we have a diaper kiosk by The Purple Elephant in downtown Patagonia. As our client load expands, we need more and more adult pull-ups, tabbed diapers, bladder control pads (Poise) especially larger sizes. Next time you go to the store, buy an extra package of pull ups or bladder pads and stick it into the kiosk downtown anonymously and conveniently. You will help us change lives.

— Linda Huffstetler-Dearing, Family Health Care Amigos